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Bye my friends

Let me write this post in English even if it's not my first language. Please forgive me for all the mistakes in advance. But I want that everyone of you could understand what I'm trying to say.

So I'm On my way back to Europe. Some would say home because I was born there, because I grew up there, because my family is there, but I don't know anymore. Home is also where you feel good, and I felt so good in so many places around the world that I don't know which one to choose.

If I had a super power I would definitely create a world with a mix of all of them.

And put in all the amazing people that I met.

I wish I could bring all of you with me.

I decided to go back to Europe for few reasons, a simple but vital one is that I finished my travel budget. So it's time to go back to work. Clearly my laptop left me a month ago and I missed 4 jobs, which is not cool!

Second reason, very important, is that I'm tired. Traveling all this time in 14 countries with so many different places, the body feels it. And I need to stop and recharge. I could have done somewhere else, true, but because of the first reason I simply can't.

It's hard my friends. Harder than I thought to leave. I was excited and I still am to see my friends back home and my family, but I miss each one of you.

The mix of these two feelings is strong and here sitting at the airport waiting for my flight doesn't help.

All the solo travelers like me, who travel for a long time can really understand

The most difficult thing is to say goodbye. To leave on your path amazing people, with a promise to see them soon which I want to keep.

I saw great, stunning places, wonders around the world, I felt a bit like Indiana Jones too, but is the people that you meet that makes the difference. They help you to grow, to go deep inside you, learn who you are, share a laugh, a hug, a piece of travel together.

I'm crying now for all of you. My heart is broken but also full of joy for the time that I shared with you. Time is precious. You are too.

This travel made me stronger and helped me so much to understand who I am.

I thanks the modern era that brought social media, so I can follow your steps in your life and you can follow mine.

The list is too long, I'd love to have a message from all of you. With a picture of where we met.

Love you. Forever in my heart.

In each step that I've done

You now are with me

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Laurent Maria
Laurent Maria
Mar 19

Good luck for the next steps !!! It s where we a cave lol See u soon. Kisses

Mar 19
Replying to

Ahaha yes it was very fun!

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